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WHICH CTMH CARTRIDGE IS BEST? Art Philsophy, Artiste or Artbooking?

This post includes links to the pdf versions of each CTMH cartridge handbook.

Which CTMH Cricut Cartridge is the best??  This is a question I get asked again and again.  The Close to my Heart Cricut cartridges are WHY I signed up as a consultant!  

Here is the story --  I was researching which Cricut cartridges are the most popular, as I didn't want to buy cartridge after cartridge.  Time and time again, I kept hearing about the Art Philosophy cartridge.  It didn't take me long to learn that you could only get Art Philosophy through Close to my Heart.  After seeing the images on the cartridge, I was SOLD!   I had previous experience with Close to my Heart product and LOVED it (the clear stamps were also a favorite), so I decided to sign up.  Since then, they have released two more cartridges which are equally impressive.

So, which cartridge is my favorite?  Unfortunately, the answer is, they ALL are! Each one is my favorite for a very different reason.  I love the basic elements of the Art Philosophy cartridge (ie. flower, oval, banner shapes, labels, etc.  I love all the 3D items (gift card holders, rosettes, boxes) on the Artiste cartridge.  I love the background images and how easy it is to do an entire scrapbook layout with the Artbooking cartridge.  I should also mention that I love all three cartridges because I have stamp sets that co-ordinate with each of them.  Don't forget, as you look through the catalogue, any image that is outlined with a red line, means there is a co-ordinating cut on one of our cartridges.  If you look at the bottom of the page in the catalogue, it will tell you which cartridge the "cut" is from.

To help you decide which cartridge you like best, I have included a brief description of each below.  I have also included links to pdf versions of the cartridge handbooks.  I find it really helpful to see all the images on any cartridges I may want to buy in order to decide if I will use it.   Click on the cartridge name or the picture of the handbook below to get to the pdf of the handbooks.

Art Philosophy 

 This cartridge includes many basic shapes and images.  Each image on the cartridge also has a co-ordinating card and a co-ordinating tag cut.   There is also an assortment of borders and backgrounds.  This cartridge includes a variety of seasonal items some of which include a snowflake, christmas tree, stocking, hearts, acorn and cupcake.  The only 3D items that can be made with this cartridge is an assortment of six flowers.  The font included on this cartridge is a standard, slightly-formal font.


This cartridge includes basic shapes as well as shapes which are more detailed.   There is a wide variety of seasonal items such as a turkey, mitten, leaves, spider, skeleton, hearts, and snowflakes.  It also includes shaped cards, gift card holders, ready-made mini-books, phrases and words (ie. "thank you", "it's a girl", "Happy Birthday", "family", "Merry Christmas", etc.  One of the main features of this cartridge are the 3D items you can make such as milk cartons, file folder boxes, cupcake holders, rosettes, decorative boxes, gift bags, french fry boxes, etc.  Because of this feature, there is an assembly guide included.  The font included on this cartridge is very clean, straight-edged and basic.


This cartridge is a little different because it includes a very special additional feature.  In addition to a number of detailed and basic shapes, you can make an entire, co-ordinating scrapbook layout using one key on the overlay.  This allows you to quickly and easily create an entire perfectly sized layout-- using just one key/page on the cartridge.  This cartridge includes lots of backgrounds, borders, picture frames and phrases (ie. "always and forever", "capture the details, "fun and sun", "think grow learn", "party time".   There are no 3D items on this cartridge.  The font included on this cartridge is the most formal and a little "curly". 

I hope this helps you determine which cartridge you put at the top of your wish-list.  And don't forget, each cartridge comes with three pages of co-ordinating chipboard elements as well as three co-ordinating stamp sets.  In my honest opinion, all three are must-have cartridges -- not only because they are a great value, but they are also sure to be your "go-to" cartridge for any project you tackle!

Once again, here are the links to the pdf of the handbooks for each cartridge:

Art Philosophy





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